why aren't there many restaurant offers?

Put simply, table availability can be very unpredictable for every restaurant. Because they're providing custom offers just for you based on their current availability and your spend amount, offers may be limited. You can try during off-peak times or increasing your spend to increase your chances.

when will there be more restaurants?

We're always approaching restaurants to join our network. We love giving you more choice so if you know any restauranteurs that can benefit from additional sales, let us know and we'll hook you up with a $50 credit for your help!

why do i need to provide our spend amount?

Since these are custom offers just for you, we need to let the restaurants know how much your party is looking to spend so they can provide you the best offer within their means.

what if i don't know how much we're going to spend?

No problem! Just estimate how much you think your party will be spending to give the restaurants an idea. Planning a big night out? Don't be shy and let them know so they can provide you with juicier offers :-)

why do i need to prepay?

This is simply to lock in your offer and reassure the restaurants that you're an awesome and committed diner. The prepayment goes towards your restaurant tab so just think of it as an upfront deposit. And don't worry, we use Stripe to ensure your payment is secure.

what if i don't order enough to cover the prepayment?

Our restaurants provide you custom offers based on what you've committed to spend. Think of it like a typical clothing store offer (spend $100 to get 20% off) - if you don't hit your spend amount then the offer isn't valid. But don't worry, the restaurant will reimburse you the prepayment difference in the form of a gift card/credit that you can use for a future visit.

do i have to wait 10min to get offers?

Its up to you! If you get an offer right away that you just can't resist, select it and prepay to lock it in. If you want to wait around for more choices, you're free to do so. Just remember to leave yourself some time to complete the prepayment.

how much time do i have to get to the restaurant?

Once you lock in your offer, we give you 30min to round up your friends and arrive at your venue. But we understand life happens. If you're going to be late, kindly call the restaurant and they'll do their best to accommodate you.

can i make future reservations?

Think of us like the Uber of dining - its meant to be used when you're ready to go out to eat. From the restaurant perspective, they're providing you an offer because they currently have a table available, which may not always be the case in the future. 

still need help?

You can always reach us at contact@cravified.com and we'll be happy to help!

how do i get receipts of my prepayments?

Just provide your email in your profile and Stripe will send you receipts for every transaction. 

where can i get promo codes?

Sign up here to stay up to date on our latest promos. Applicable codes can be entered in your user profile and we'll apply it against your prepayment after you've successfully dined out with one of our partners.

We may also send very limited offers through in-app notifications so make sure to turn your notifications on ;-)